Emir Shares His Christmas in Seattle

Christmas is a time to be with family, enjoy each moment together, to gain few more pounds, open presents and also a season of love.

But this is other theme. Right now I am going to talk about my first experience of Christmas here in the USA. In the morning of December 24th we had a little brunch for Elias’ birthday, he is four years old and the youngest of the family. In the afternoon we walked to a park close to the house. We played tag but I got tired very quickly because I am a little old, I was just kidding, I think it was because I need more exercise, but I’ll talk about this in another occasion. Next we went to mass at 10:00 pm; it was a wonderful mass, especially because the music was excellent. When the mass ended we went home and straight to sleep.

On December 25th, Christmas, I woke up early because I felt a little bad. When I went to the kitchen the boys jumped with happiness because they were waiting for me. Karen told them that they could not see their stockings until I was there, so we saw what Santa had left us. Then we waited a little more for Dave to get back from church to open the gifts for Christmas with the whole family. Then we had a Dinner just for us, we ate very well, and Karen gave us a crown to wear during the dinner, it was funny.

I hope to everyone has had an excellent Christmas and I would like to reflect on what Christmas is. I am not sure where I heard this but, “Christmas isn’t presents, food, party or vacations. Christmas is love, family, hope, time to be together, and the most important thing about Christmas is be grateful for all the moments, situations, and things in our own life, both bad and good.”

But I have been thinking about this, I think that it’s true, but also Christmas is a good date because after Christmas we only have few days to end the year. This is amazing because we can change, forgive, and forget all the things that we have in our heart and be better each day.

My best wishes to you in this year, 2012, and thanks to all those people who support us and are with us every moment.

Happy New Year

Written by Emir in his own English

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