Our family here in Seattle!!!

Digyana reflects on her experience in the Leadership Program thus far…

We are at the end of the year, about to start a new year. So many things have happened, goals we have reached, happy moments with our families, one more year of studies. We are so far away from home, from our NPH family which has seen us grow, the one who sees our progress, the family that has always supported us when we needed it.

This year God granted us a lot of love, peace and many opportunities. A year where the leadership program started, here in Seattle, Washington.  We are all working so that the pilot program will be a success. We have participated in many leadership groups, we have participated in retreats and many other activities.

We are all living with a different family, but all very special families that have given us a warm welcome into their homes. We have had many happy moments, celebrating special events such as the gala, celebrated to fundraise money for our NPH family. Thanks giving, Christmas, and now, New Years…

In every moment they are here for us, asking us about how it went in our English class, helping us out with our homework, taking us to the doctor, to our appointments with the dentist, skiing in the mountains, sharing our teenage lives when we like to go shopping for hours without getting tired, trying their best to give us a happy and merry Christmas, baking cookies, watching movies together, even arranging their schedules to fit our own, supporting the leadership program. Also how we share our faith in God, just how Father Wasson did with us. We must never forget that God is the one who guides our steps and illuminates our lives.

I am sad to be far away from my family, but our families here make us feel better. From time to time they comfort our tears, watching them run down our cheeks as we think of our friends, siblings, and our great NPH family, our boyfriends and girlfriends, all of this we have shared with our families.

That is why we thank each one of our families here!!! We hope you receive many blessings and that this New Year 2012 may be phenomenal for each and one of you. May God’s love and Father Wasson’s live in our hearts forever.

(See a video Diyana and her host family made after a visit to Leavenworth, Washington here!)

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