Servant Leadership Retreat

The week before Christmas, the Leadership Group had the opportunity to participate in a retreat at the Hearth (Thank you Linda and Jim Hunt and the Krista Foundation for your hospitality!) in Spokane, Washington.

Our theme: “Serving out of our brokenness” guided the week.  We spent time learning more about servant leadership, our own stories, our strengths, areas for growth, spiritual gifts, self-care and group dynamics.

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Rituals and activities such as the washing of the feet, life mapping, listening circles, moments to lift each other up in prayer, a special ‘baleada’ feast on Father Wasson’s birthday, and a group  project to consider and design a future NPH home (fictitiously set in Brazil) brought us together as a smaller NPH family here in the Northwest.

It was truly a sacred time and we all left both humbled by the experience and ready to continue learning and developing our skills in order to better love and serve others.

Our sincere gratitude to Joe Cotton for co-facilitating this retreat and gently encouraging depth and transformation in all of us!

Stay tuned for blog posts coming from each of the participants.  They will be writing about their experiences during Christmas as well as their learning at the retreat and during their last three months in Seattle…

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