Wendy Spends Thanksgiving with Medley Family in Portland

Wendy joined us late on Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a weekend packed full of family gatherings, some sightseeing, dinner with friends, and time to just relax.  Here are the highlights:

Thanksgiving dinner for 12.  We were joined by my parents (also sponsors for a child in Honduras), our good friends Megan and Paul and their sons, and Megan’s mom Pam.  We had a “Turkey egg hunt” (really, why does an Easter rabbit leave chocolate filled eggs and not the Thanksgiving turkey?), a rousing round of turkey bingo, and lots of great food and company.

The Macy’s Parade.  Wendy loved the llamas dressed as reindeer, the beautiful Clydesdale horses, and the marching bands.  My boys loved the candy that was tossed their way and seeing Santa at the end.

Sushi.  It turns out Wendy does not really like sushi; luckily the restaurant also served fried chicken.

Games and dinners with close friends, all of whom also think Wendy is adorable.

Tickle monster.  It’s a universal game played by kids and adults that transcends language.  The kids ran, while Wendy chased them until she caught and tickled them.

Ice skating.  We all spent the first laps around the rink clinging to the wall, but by the end we were not embarrassing ourselves too much.

By the end of the weekend we were all joyfully exhausted, and a few tears were shed when Wendy left on the train.  She brought a sparkling joy to our Thanksgiving celebration, and we were again reminded of how lucky we are to have her in our lives, and how lucky she is to participate in the leadership program.

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