Friends for the Journey

This past week the leadership cohort participated in a kickoff dinner for the Friends for the Journey component of the leadership program. Now that the leaders have had an opportunity to get settled in to their new home during the first two months, each has been paired up with a mentor who will accompany them during their time in Seattle and beyond.

Each of the five leaders has been paired with a member of the NPH family in Seattle to be their “friend for the journey.” These friends will be companions and mentors that will walk alongside our leaders during their year in Seattle, and continue to be in contact with them in the years to come. One of the program’s core goals is for the leaders to make lasting relationships with people they could then turn to in complete confidence to talk about the joys and challenges of their time in Seattle, and the joys and challenges of being a leader in NPH in the future.

Each of the mentors have varying ties with NPH and Friends of the Orphans and serve a particularly vital function of talking about the different experiences the leaders are having in their time living away from NPH and living outside of their own country. Each of the leaders will set up agreeable times to meet with their mentors on a regular basis to be able to chat over a meal, a coffee, or a walk. These mentors will be like many other friends the leaders have and will make here in Seattle, but they will be friends that know NPH and Friends of the Orphans well, and who the leaders know they can talk to in confidence.

The mentors and leaders alike have great hopes for this component of the leadership program and getting to know each other over the course of the year.

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