Jean Francois shares his trip to the Experience Music Project

Sunday Morning after a beautiful mass at Our Lady Guadalupe church Emir, Juan, Kristen and I, went to downtown to EMP (Experience Music Project museum). As my first sight, it was a big advertising of the avatar movie (exhibition), which is one of my favorite movies. Inside was an exposition of extraordinary music instruments, the gloves of Michael Jackson, a thousand guitars stacked on top of each other, an exposition of Jimmy Hendrix and of Nirvana, and a story about them and their success in music and other people who were and are important for music.

But my interest was Avatar. Inside there was technology everywhere, everything that they used in the movie, It was very surprising to see how advanced the technology is and so incredible to see how this movie was made. I appreciate the ton of work that they have been made and that I felt in the movie. It was really exciting to me because I really like this movie however I didn’t see the actors, producer, or the flying mountains but I saw some pictures of them. I was really excited about this exhibition, I loved it.

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