Friends of the Orphans Northwest Gala

This past weekend was the Friends of the Orphans Northwest World of Dreams Gala in Bellevue, Washington! From the Bellevue club on the 25th floor guests had wonderful views of the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains to the west. The evening featured a silent auction raffle during cocktail hour. Attendees, longtime Friends/NPH supporters and new alike, mingled and enjoyed a glass of wine while Juan Manuel of El Salvador played guitar and sang. Emir then joined Juan Manuel and they played a couple of songs together. There were tables set up with information and pictures from each home so that while people talked and mingled they could also see scenes from each of NPH’s nine homes.

The group then moved into the dining room where dinner and a live auction awaited. Every year the live auction features a special item that is highlighted. This year the International Leadership Program, in its pilot year, was that item! Each of our 5 leaders spoke of their gratitude for the opportunity to be able to participate in the program and shared how they hoped the program would prepare them to return to their respective NPH homes and give back. Each of the leaders addressed the group in English and did wonderful jobs. Each had put a lot of time and practice into the words they spoke, sharing their hopes and dreams for the program and their respective futures. Everyone was impressed not only with their English abilities, but also with the confidence with which they stood up in front of everyone and shared their story. It was inspiring to have living examples of what the unconditional love the children in NPH receive can realize, and what confident and compassionate young adults it creates.

The evening was a success raising around $50,000. Digyana did her part by standing and giving an impromptu sales pitch for the trip to NPH Honduras being bid on during the live auction! As always, the evening served as a wonderful chance to bring together people who have been deeply touched by the work of Friends of the Orphans and NPH in various capacities. The evening was made that much more special having the leadership cohort present as representatives of the next generation of “pequeños” that will lead the homes and organization in the years to come.

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