Pizza Party and Football Game!

This past Friday evening the Fitton family, hosting Emir this year, invited the program participants and other friends for a pizza party. Emir, Julissa, Digyana and Jean Francois were joined by Digyana’s host family, the Schulers, as well as number of the program’s supporters. We talked about the first weeks of classes and how much work they have been. Each had good things to share about their experiences so far, but their tired faces showed it has been a lot of work. We enjoyed round after round of famous Dave Fitton pizza as they kept coming out of the oven every 20 minutes or so. Each of our leaders are in different classes at school and have been forced to use what English they have to talk with their classmates and teachers. It may be difficult now, but this will pay off wonderfully in the long run.

After pizza Julissa, Emir, and Jean Francois attended their first football game to cheer on Max Bubar, of the Bubar family hosting Julissa this year, in his high school’s game. It was a cool October night in Seattle, but the rain held off and Max’s team won. Julissa, Emir and Jean Francois enjoyed experiencing an American high school tradition, a homecoming football game.

Thank you to the Fitton Family for hosting such a fun, and delicious, party!

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