Our Leaders Get Know Their New City

Julissa recounts our leaders’ afternoon getting to know parts of Seattle. Translated from Spanish for now, but soon to be in their own English!

Seattle, 9/20/2011

We had a great day today seeing downtown Seattle. Katie Bray (former Guatemala volunteer) and Krisanne (local volunteer), took us on a tour of a few beautiful places in Seattle. We first went to the Public Market (Pike Place), we were amazed by the size of the fish and shellfish they sold there. The men selling the fish would yell and throw the fish every time someone made a purchase. It was funny. We also went to a store of strange things (Ye Olde Curiosity Shop) where they had mummies, witches, silly glasses and other things we had never seen before. It was a lot of fun.

Next they took us to Seattle Center where they have carnival rides. We rode the carousel like little kids! The girls then took some pictures while the boys played racing video games. Finally, Katie and Krisanne took us to the lake and we saw some big ships there on the water.

It was a very fun day and, thanks to God, everything turned out great. It was a little tiring, but we had a great day.

Julissa Alvarenga

Seattle, 9/20/2011

El dia de hoy nos la pasamos muy bien conociendo el centro de Seattle. Katie Bray y Krisanne (voluntarias), nos llevaron a recorrer algunos lugares lindos de Seattle.

Conocimos Public Market, nos impresionó el tamaño de los pescados que venden en ese lugar, los mariscos entre otros. Los hombres gritan y tiran los pescados entre ellos cada vez que alguien hace una compra. Fue chistoso. También conocimos la tienda de cosas extrañas, habían momias disecadas, brujas, lentes que daban risas, cosas que jamás habíamos visto, nos divertimos mucho.

Luego nos llevaron a conocer un lugar donde habían juegos mecánicos. Nos subimos al carrusel como pequeños, jajaja. Luego las niñas nos tomamos fotos, mientras los chicos jugaban en las máquinas de carros. Conocimos el lago y grandes barcos de ese lugar.

Fue un día de diversión y todo salió bien Gracias a Dios. Un día muy lindo y candsado pero lindo.

Julissa Alvarenga

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